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  • Company registration
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Project Description

Our company has good relations with government departments such as industry and commerce, providing agency company registration and company change, providing company registration address, providing tax consultation of registered company, and tax planning from the source of company registration. At the same time, our company can provide cancellation services to help enterprises handle business tax formalities with faster and more economical services.
1. Material required for company registration:
1. Copies of shareholders'identity cards;
2. Prepare your own company name. Please prepare more than two or three company names.
5. The business scope of the self-designed company;
6. The original of the house lease contract, the original of the house ownership certificate or the copy of the house property certificate.
2. Provisions on the registered capital of a company:
The registered capital of a limited company shall not be less than the following minimum:
1. The registered capital of two (or more) limited companies is not less than 30,000 yuan (including 30,000 yuan).
2. A company established by one shareholder requires that the registered capital be no less than 100,000 yuan (including 100,000 yuan).
3. Companies with provincial names require registered capital not less than 10 million yuan (including 10 million yuan);
According to the present regulations, when the company is established, the registered capital shall be subscribed, that is, no investment funds deposited in the bank are required for capital verification, and the amount of subscription (registered capital) means that the company shall bear the maximum amount of debt to the outside world.