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Project Description

Our company is familiar with the procedures of handling import and export business rights, including filing forms for foreign trade operations, handling customs registration certificates, handling electronic port cards, handling foreign exchange filing, and opening foreign currency accounts, so that enterprises do not need to worry about the tedious handling of import and export business rights.
What is an import and export license?
Import and export licenses are certificates issued by relevant state organs to importers and exporters to permit the import or export of goods. Import and export licensing system is one of the most widely used means of foreign trade control in China and other countries in the world. With the import and export licensing system, the import and export of commodities are not allowed to import and export unless they have applied for a licence before they can sign a contract or go through the formalities of ordering. The main contents of the import and export license include: name, specification, quantity, country of importer and exporter, time limit, total value, mode of transportation, mode of trade and mode of payment, etc.
Notices for Import and Export License
1. Import and export license is a document with legal effect issued by state organs. The import and export license is a document approved by the state for the import and export of goods by specific enterprises and units. Therefore, import and export licenses shall not be sold, transferred, forged or sold.
2. The import and export license is a document authorizing the import and export of specific goods. It includes name, quantity, specification, transaction price, trade mode, trade country and so on. Therefore, import and export enterprises must import and export specific goods in strict accordance with the terms of trade as stipulated in the license.
3. Import and export license is a kind of certification document. Therefore, all kinds of import and export enterprises should apply for import and export licenses to designated license issuing agencies before import and export, and the customs shall accept and handle customs clearance procedures on the basis of import and export licenses.