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  • Bookkeeping Service
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Project Description

Agent bookkeeping refers to entrusting a series of work such as accounting, bookkeeping and tax return to a professional bookkeeping company to complete. The enterprise only sets up cashiers, who are responsible for daily monetary revenue and expenditure business and property custody. Our company is responsible for providing services such as agent bookkeeping, declaration of state and local taxes, certification invoices, issuance of VAT and export invoices, accounts receivable and suppliers payable and desk account registration, binding and custody of vouchers and accounting statements, and other tax-related matters.
Advantages of a principal-agent bookkeeping company:
1. Cost savings, enjoyment of professional team services, working days can be handled at any time related financial and tax matters;
2. Using computer technology, high efficiency and low error rate;
3. Examination and approval by government departments, professional and formal, safeguard economic responsibility, and relieve enterprises from worries about the future;
4. Avoid unnecessary economic losses caused by the change of accounting personnel, and save the expenditure of full-time accounting housing and social insurance at the same time.
5. Avoid the singleness of full-time accounting skills and affect the quality of accounting.